Emergency Management Careers in Fort Worth, Texas

The Fort Worth, Texas Police Department’ s Emergency Preparedness/Incident Command unit (EPIC) works hand-in-hand with the Emergency Management Office of the City of Fort Worth in preparing for, planning for, preventing, and responding to emergency situations that may occur within the state’s fifth-largest city. These two city organizations work together to plan for all sorts of emergencies, including those involving Fort Worth citizens with special functional needs, hydration and rehabilitation of first responders during an emergency situation, and maintaining and scheduling equipment that could be used in an emergency or disaster.

The Emergency Management Office of the City of Fort Worth has drawn up a multi-jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Action Plan with Tarrant County. Emergency management professionals in Fort Worth and Tarrant County will put this plan into place should an emergency occur.

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Emergency Management Degrees in Fort Worth

Candidates who do not yet hold emergency management jobs in Fort Worth but would like to should pursue certification or a degree in emergency management. Completion of emergency management training programs in Fort Worth increase a candidate’s likelihood of obtaining a career in emergency management. In Fort Worth, educational options include:

  • Graduate certificate in Homeland Security
  • Master of Science in Homeland Security
  • Graduate certificate in Environmental Hazards Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management
  • Master of Public Administration with specialization in Emergency Administration and Planning

The Emergency Management Association of Texas provides Certified Texas Emergency Manager training for those who already hold Fort Worth emergency management jobs. In order to take this training, a candidate must already have worked in emergency management in the state of Texas for at least two years and must hold at least a bachelor’s degree.

Emergency Management Careers in Fort Worth

Many emergency management career options may be available to well-trained individuals in the Fort Worth and north central Texas area. These opportunities need not only be at the government level, however. Many companies work with government-run agencies in emergency management functions and operations, and may offer emergency management jobs in the Fort Worth area.

Examples of government and non-government organizations that could employ Fort Worth candidates include:

  • Fort Worth Police Department Emergency Preparedness/Incident Command (EPIC) Team – Emergency management jobs here could include Training Officer, Equipment Officer and Information Technology Officer.
  • Code Technology Corporation – A management consulting and administration company in Fort Worth with emergency management job possibilities such as Engineer and Management Consultant.
  • Long Wave, Inc. – An information technology and naval operations company in Fort Worth with emergency management job possibilities like Senior Program Manager and Software Engineer.
  • Fort Worth Division of U.S. Postal Inspection – Possible emergency management jobs here could include Wireless Monitoring Specialist.
  • Fort Worth Resident Office of Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) – Emergency management job titles here could be Undercover Operations and Intelligence Analyst.
  • For Worth Satellite Office/Industry Operations of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) – Jobs in emergency management could include Weapons Specialist.
  • Fort Worth Resident Agency of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Intelligence) – Jobs in emergency management could be Detective and Intelligence Analyst.

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