Emergency Management Careers in Austin, Texas

As the state’s capital, the protection of the city of Austin is paramount to the staff of the City of Austin Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. It is the job of emergency management professionals in Austin, Texas to prepare the public to respond to all sorts of emergencies, including those produced by terrorist acts, natural hazards, pandemics and other natural and manmade disasters.

The Office involves the citizens of Austin in these plans and preparations in many ways, such as through volunteering for its Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and/or the Community Wildfire Protection Plan.

The Austin Office is responsible not only for protecting Austin residents but also for operating the Austin/Travis County Emergency Operations Center during area-wide emergencies. The Austin Office functions as a command center for the entire Travis County area and for the city of Austin during these types of emergency situations.

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Emergency Management Education and Training

Austin residents who currently work in emergency management careers may wish to seek certification through the Emergency Management Association of Texas as a Certified Texas Emergency Manager. Qualifications for this training include possession of a bachelor’s degree and at least two years of work experience in emergency management within Texas.

If applicants are seeking ways to begin a career in emergency management in Austin, possession of some type of certification or a college degree is usually the best way to get a foot in the door. Austin’s options for emergency management training, at brick-and-mortar schools and online, include:

  • Certification in Public Safety Management
  • Associate of Science in Emergency Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Management
  • Associate of Applied Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • Certification in Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Public and Private Sector Emergency Management Employers in Austin

A mixture of public sector, government and private sector emergency management jobs in Austin may be available to candidates who possess the necessary credentials and training. Opportunities for emergency management careers in Austin could be available within agencies and companies such as these:

  • Zebra Imaging – Established in 1996, this Austin company today has six government clients and specializes in military operations, weapons technology and intelligence analysis. Emergency management careers that may be available at Zebra Imaging could include Web Developer and Intelligence Analyst.
  • VoiceVerified, Inc. – This Austin company established in 1993 works in the fields of weapons technology and personal/building security. Emergency management careers that could be started here include Product Analyst, Reverse Engineer and Business Analyst.
  • Espy Corporation – Established in Austin in 1999, this technical intelligence, law enforcement, intelligence analysis and information technology today has two government clients. Emergency management jobs possible here could include Signals Intelligence Specialist, Visual Simulation Analyst, Scientific Visualization Analyst and Intelligence Analyst.
  • Defense Talent Network – This staffing and personnel company specializing in defense and top-security clearance jobs was established in Austin in 2003 and has one government client today. Possible titles of emergency management positions that could be available here include Cyber Vulnerability Researcher and Information Technology Specialist.
  • Cycorp – This intelligence analysis company was begun in Austin in 1995 and has one government client as of 2013. Possible emergency management careers here could include Inference Programmer, Senior Ontologist and Software Release Manager.
  • City of Austin Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management – Potential emergency management jobs here include Senior Emergency Plans Officer, Public Information Manager, Emergency Management Specialist and Community Preparedness Program Coordinator.

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