About EmergencyManagementEDU.org

Emergency management encompasses everything from emergency planning designed to prepare for and mitigate the impact of disasters that may occur, to response and civil relief efforts after a natural or manmade disaster has already happened. The breadth of the emergency management process draws on the skills of many different professionals – from disaster research specialists and urban planners, to emergency management coordinators and public information officers.

Few fields are as directly connected to serving citizens and protecting vital infrastructure as the field of emergency management. Though all states most counties, and many city governments have offices of emergency management (OEMs) that support jobs in this field, emergency management and contingency planning is also vital to virtually every industry in the private sector.

EmergencyManagementEDU.org was designed and developed to serve people exploring career paths and education options available in emergency management, whether within government or private industry. Visitors are encouraged to explore this comprehensive resource to gain a better understanding of the field of emergency management and the important careers in this field that help save lives and mitigate the effects of disaster.