Emergency Management Careers in West Valley City, Utah

Emergency management in West Valley City, Utah is the responsibility of the West Valley City Fire Department. It helps citizens of West Valley City prepare for disasters and emergencies such as earthquakes and other natural disasters as well as terrorist attacks. The West Valley City Fire Department’s website offers a template to help families create a Personalized Family Emergency Plan in preparation for emergencies.

Earthquakes are a major concern in this region, as Utah is a seismically active area and much of the state’s population is centered on areas that are at the greatest risk of earthquakes. The Department offers tips for earthquake preparation that could be extrapolated to use in preparing for other disasters, such as tips for the elderly, tips for preparing children, tips for pet owners, tips for the physically challenged, and neighborhood organization. Jobs in emergency management in West Valley City may be available within government organizations such as the West Valley City Fire Department or in private companies whose mission it is to assist in preparations and to provide help in emergency situations.

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Pursuing an Emergency Management Education in West Valley City

The most effective way to begin a career in emergency management in West Valley City, Utah is to obtain the proper educational credentials. A minimum of a certificate or degree at the undergraduate or graduate level is necessary in order to break into the field. In the West Valley City area and online, certification and degree programs available include:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Legal Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice: Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • Undergraduate certificate in Emergency Management
  • Graduate certificate in Emergency Management

Utah’s Department of Public Safety Department of Emergency Management (DEM) offers professional-level training opportunities for persons who already hold emergency management jobs in West Valley City. The following all hazards courses are offered in nearby Sandy, Utah for these professionals:

  • All Hazards Public Information Officer
  • All Hazards Incident Commander
  • All Hazards Liaison Officer
  • All Hazards Safety Officer
  • All Hazards Planning Section Chief
  • All Hazards Operations Section Chief
  • All Hazards Logistics Section Chief
  • Al Hazards Finance and Administration Chief

Emergency Management Companies Located in West Valley City

The Sandy/West Valley City, Utah area offers a plethora of career opportunities for those who hold the proper emergency management credentials. Opportunities for emergency management careers in the West Valley City and Sandy areas may be found within the following organizations:

  • AccessData – Founded in Lindon, Utah (about 30 miles from West Valley City) in 1988, this information technology and intelligence analysis corporation has two government clients. Possible emergency management career opportunities here may include Cyber Security Specialist and Intelligence Analyst.
  • NexOne Company – Founded in Bountiful, Utah (about 15 miles from West Valley City) in 2000, this multi-disciplinary information technology company has six government clients. Potential emergency management career opportunities here may include Wireless Monitoring Specialist and Information Technology Analyst.
  • Omniture Visual Sciences, an Adobe Company – Founded in 1996 in Orem (about 45 miles from West Valley City), this information technology company has one government client. Potential career opportunities in emergency management at this corporation could include Global Partners Director, Marketing Cloud Partner and Desk Analyst.

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