Emergency Management Careers in Davis County, Utah

According to the Davis County, Utah Department of Emergency Management, there are four phases involved in the emergency management of a county:

  • First is preparedness, which involves heightening the community’s ability to respond during a disaster or crisis.
  • The next phase is response, involving actions that are taken just before, during and after a disaster or crisis.
  • Third is recovery, involving actions taken to try to restore the community to as normal a state as possible after a disaster or crisis.
  • The final phase in emergency management is mitigation, which involves taking measures to prevent emergencies or reduce the likelihood of their occurrence.

Emergency management jobs in Davis County, Utah utilize all of the phases described above. Hazards that are specific to the Davis County area and for which emergency management professionals in the county must prepare include terrorism, wildfire, earthquakes, tornadoes, avalanche, influenza pandemic, floods, hazardous materials and extreme weather.

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Emergency Management Education in Davis County

A degree in emergency management, whether at the undergraduate or graduate level, is quite helpful to Davis County citizens who are looking for emergency management jobs in Davis County. Certification in emergency management may be preferable for individuals who already hold a college degree.

In Davis County, schools offer the following educational programs in emergency management:

  • Associate of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Emergency Management
  • Associate of Science in Homeland Security
  • Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management
  • Master of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Careers in Emergency Management in Davis County

Emergency management careers in Davis County, Utah need not be at only the state or local levels. Many private sector companies contribute to emergency management and homeland security efforts in Davis County. For example, NexOne Company in Bountiful, established in 2000 and having six government clients, provides emergency management jobs in the form of information technology, along with air, satellite, nuclear and ground force operations. Possible emergency management jobs in Davis County at this company could include systems engineer, GIS specialist or information technology specialist.

Another private company in Davis County that could employ emergency management professionals is HollyFrontier Corporation in Woods Cross. An example of an emergency management job from this company is Emergency Response Representative.

At the governmental levels are federal, state and local organizations dedicated to emergency management. In Davis County, these include:

  • Davis County Office of Emergency Management, with jobs such as Emergency Management Regional Coordinator and Emergency Services Coordinator
  • Davis County Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program, where jobs could include Emergency Preparedness Trainer or Instructor
  • Northern Utah Incident Management Team, where jobs could include titles like Incident Management Team Coordinator

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