North Dakota Emergency Management Salaries

In North Dakota the average hourly salary for those in the position of Emergency Management Director is $24.75. For those in the 10th percentile the average salary for the state of North Dakota is $16.62, and the 25th percentile salary is $19.98. For those who reach the 75th percentile the salary is $29.70 and for the 90th percentile the average salary is $34.29.

Annual Salary Expectations for North Dakota

When it comes to the annual salary for emergency management workers in North Dakota the average falls at $51,480 with the 10th percentile earning $34,570 and the 25th percentile earning $41,560. For those workers in the 90th percentile the annual salary to expect is $71,320 and the 75percentile salary is $61,780.

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The average employment for the state falls around 80 individuals in North Dakota. With training and education the potential for growth and more salary earnings increases. It is important to consider the area of North Dakota where the person works, as well, as some areas such as Bismark earn more than other areas of the state.

The information shown in this table was furnished by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and represents salary data for emergency management directors in North Dakota’s major cities.

North Dakota Emergency Management Director Salaries

Area name
Annual mean wage
Bismarck ND