Emergency Management Careers in Cass County, North Dakota

The 1997 flood and the subsequent floods in February 2011, February 2010, and March 2009 are just a few of the examples of why the Cass County Emergency Management System and the services it provides are vital the citizens of this part of North Dakota.

The winter of 1996 in Cass County, North Dakota, brought about moderate to heavy snowfall and a deep freeze, which was followed by spring flooding of extreme proportions, even later referred to as the “Flood of the Century.” Many of the cities were evacuated and river waters swelled to more than 26 feet above flood stage, swallowing more than 75 percent of cities such as Grand Forks.

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Emergency Management Job Descriptions in Cass County

Although degree and experience requirements vary for emergency management jobs, common degree requirements include a bachelor’s degree in emergency management, public policy, and public administration, as well as experience working in emergency management programs.

A number of emergency management specialists are called upon to handle emergency situations at the county, city, state, and federal level, including:

Emergency Management Specialists – Emergency management specialists are called upon to develop and design emergency operations, conducting emergency operations plans for both actual and exercise events, and gather information for the development of emergency programs.

Emergency Management Directors – Emergency management directors develop and implement training procedures and strategies for emergency management programs while adhering to all federal, state, and local regulations. These professionals must also alter emergency response procedures based on regulatory changes, technological changes, and from information gathered from past events.

Emergency Notification Controllers – Emergency notification controllers are deployed to sites of major disasters to enable and facilitate communications. These emergency management professionals receive and disseminate information and activate emergency response plans as needed.  They often serve as a liaison between local, state, and federal agencies, particularly when requiring aid assistance.

Professionals in emergency management also often possess professional certification from either the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) or the International Emergency Management Association (IEMA).

Emergency Management Jobs in Cass County, North Dakota: Emergency Management Training

The North Dakota Department of Emergency Services provides training and events for emergency management professionals throughout the state, including Cass County. Just some of the training programs offered to professionals in emergency management include:

  • Emergency, Disaster and Demolition Debris Management Workshop
  • Emergency Planning
  • Search and Rescue Conference
  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Emergency Operations Center Operations Planning for All-Hazards Events

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