Emergency Management Careers in Memphis, Tennessee

The City of Memphis Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is responsible for maintaining the safety of Memphis residents, providing valuable information, including a listing of the locations of all outdoor warning and tornado sirens for the Memphis area. The Memphis OEM’s website also offers citizens information on preparing for natural disasters including earthquakes and floods, as well as provides listings of what to bring with them in case they are directed to an evacuation center. Special needs citizens are addressed as well, and information on service animals and the requirements they must meet in order to be allowed into evacuation centers are also detailed. Many emergency management careers in Memphis, Tennessee have begun through the Memphis OEM.

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Emergency Management Training in Memphis

As part of its efforts in keeping the city of Memphis safe, the city’s Office of Emergency Management has created Community Emergency Response Teams, or CERTs. CERTs and their training programs help to educate Memphis residents about preparing for disasters, light search and rescue, firs safety, disaster medical operations and team organization. Those who become certified can assist overwhelmed first responders in the event of a major disaster or other emergency. Courses in CERT training include first aid, fire suppression, disaster preparedness, triage, hazardous materials, light search and rescue, terrorism and disaster psychology. This two-day training is free and open to Memphis residents of all ages.

For Memphis residents who wish to begin careers in emergency management, a different type of training is necessary. Those who are already employed in an emergency management agency should become certified through the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency through professional training. Others who are just starting careers in emergency management have options to earn certificates and college degrees. Programs available within the Memphis area and online include:

  • Technical Certificate in Homeland Security
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice: Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and Crisis Management
  • Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice

Employers of Emergency Management Professionals in Memphis

Memphis, Tennessee is home to government agencies at the federal, state and local levels that work in emergency management in keeping the city, state and country safe. It also houses corporations that work with these government agencies and may offer career options in emergency management. They include:

  • Guardsmark, LLC in Memphis – a building and personal security corporation established in 1963 that today has one government client. Emergency management jobs here could include security specialist and security analyst.
  • TSM Corporation in Bartlett (about 10 miles from Memphis) – Established in 1978 with one government client today, this company specializes in naval operations and management administration and consulting. Emergency management jobs here could include program manager and logistics specialist

Government organizations in Memphis that could offer career opportunities in emergency management include:

  • Memphis Field Office of the FBI, where emergency management careers could include intelligence analyst and detective
  • Memphis Field Office of the Postal Inspector, where emergency management careers could include postal inspector
  • Memphis Financial Crimes Task Force of the Secret Service, where emergency management careers could include wireless communication analyst
  • US Attorney’s Office of the Western District of Tennessee, where emergency management careers could include intelligence analyst and information technology specialist

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