Emergency Management Careers in Providence County,
Rhode Island

Providence County is the epicenter of emergency management service in the state. While Flooding is one of the main concerns in Rhode Island, as well as extreme storms- which typically involve ice, snow and hail- during the chilly winter months. Also, since the state is located on the Eastern Seaboard, it is susceptible to storms that come in from the Atlantic Ocean, such as hurricanes and tropical storms. There are also occasional heat waves that strike Providence County during the summer months, and terrorist activity is always a high priority as the city of Providence is home to the headquarters of many of the nation’s largest financial companies.

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Emergency Management Degrees, Training and Certification

In order to obtain an emergency management career in Providence County, hiring agencies and organizations usually require that applicants have a degree, training and certification.

Degrees: In Rhode Island, most emergency management jobs require a four-year degree from an accredited institution. There are many options, both through traditional schooling and through online schooling. The following are some of the most common emergency management degrees in Providence County:

  • Associate Degree in Homeland Security
  • Master Degree in Criminal Justice- Terrorism, Mediation and Peace
  • Master of Public Administration- Homeland Security Policy and Coordination
  • Associate Degree in Emergency Management
  • Associate Degree in Homeland Defense and Emergency Management
  • Master of Science in Disaster Science and Emergency Management

Training and Certification: Emergency management training in Providence County is provided by the Rhode Island Association of Emergency Managers (RIAEM.) The organization also offers certification for emergency management professionals on three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. Basic certification requires that 200 hours of training be completed, intermediate certification requires an additional 250 hours of training and advanced certification requires an additional 250 hours of training on top of the other required hours. All levels of certification also offer an additional 100 hours of optional training as part of the curriculum.

Emergency Management Providers in Providence County

Emergency management providers and employers in Providence County can be found on the city, county and state level, as well as in the private sector. On the state level, emergency services are provided through the State of Rhode Island Department of Health. Center for Emergency Preparedness and Response and the state’s Emergency Management Agency. The state agencies work in coordination with federal agencies and local organizations. The private sector is centered in the city of Providence where CDR Maguire is located. CDR Maguire is a national provider of transportation, emergency management consultation, architecture and civil engineering. Another private sector supplier of emergency management jobs in Providence County is Thielsch Engineering, which is located in the city of Cranston, Rhode Island.

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