Rhode Island Emergency Management Careers

Rhode Island’s geographic location along the Eastern seaboard, in the northeast part of the country, makes this state susceptible to many of the storms and weather patterns that originate in the Atlantic Ocean. As such, this state has seen its share of disaster declarations, from severe winter storms to late summer tropical storms and hurricanes:

Disaster Declarations, Rhode Island:

  • Sever Winter Storm/Snowstorm: February 2013
  • Hurricane Sandy: October 2012
  • Hurricane Irene: August 2011

Obtaining a Degree and Training in Emergency Management

Individuals seeking careers in emergency management are best prepared by obtaining a degree from an accredited institution. Although there are a plethora of educational opportunities in emergency management in Delaware, individuals are often better positioned for career advancement with a four-year (or higher) degree from an accredited college or university.

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Just some of the degree programs offered in Delaware colleges and universities include:

  • Associate’s degree in Emergency Management
  • Associate in applied science degree in Emergency Management
  • Associate’s degree in Homeland Defense and Emergency Management
  • Emergency Management certificate
  • Master of Science in Disaster Science and Emergency Management

Major requirements in emergency management programs are fairly standard and often include courses such as:

  • Fundamentals of Emergency Management
  • Understanding and Responding to Terrorism
  • Bioterrorism and Public Health Emergencies
  • Disaster Response Operations and Management
  • Managing the Psychological Impact of Terrorism and Disaster

Professional Certification Opportunities

The Rhode Island Association of Emergency Managers offers the RIAEM certification program, which includes three levels of certification for the emergency management professional: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced:

  • Basic Certification: Basic Certification for Emergency Management professionals requires 200 hours of training, including required classes of core curriculum training and an additional 100 hours of optional training. Classes required for basic training include:
    • Emergency Manager: An Orientation to the Position
    • Are You Ready? An In-Depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness
    • Guide to Points of Distribution
    • Introduction to Incident Command
    • ICS for Single and Initial Action Incidents
    • Emergency Response to Terrorism
  • Intermediate Level Certification: Certification at the Intermediate level requires an additional 250 hours of training, including 12 required classes from the core curriculum and 100 hours of optional training.
  • Advanced Level Certification: Certification at the Advanced level requires an additional 250 hours of training, which includes 9 required classes from the core curriculum and an additional 100 hours of optional training.

Emergency Management Career Opportunities in Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (RIEMA) works to improve emergency preparedness in Rhode Island and reduce the loss of life and property from both natural and manmade disasters. RIEMA’s All Hazards Incident Management Team coordinates resources from federal, state, and local governments to meet the challenges associated with disaster emergencies.

CDR Maguire, which has offices in locations across the country, including Providence, Rhode Island, is involved in transportation, architecture, civil engineering, emergency management, and alternate project delivery. The emergency management division helps companies prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover form manmade or natural incidents.

Thielsch Engineering provides integrated engineering services to companies by optimizing the safety and efficiency of a facility and by addressing emergency situations. Thielsch Engineering provides mechanical, chemical, electrical, and civil engineering services through a number of field offices, including its headquarters in Cranston, Rhode Island.

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