Emergency Management Careers in Multnomah County, Oregon

As the most populated metropolitan area in the state, Multnomah County is one of the primary locations for emergency management agencies, organizations and private sector businesses. Most of the emergency management organizations are located in Portland, and serve the towns in Multnomah County that are located near rivers and mountains where flooding, mudslides, severe storms and large quantities of snow are always a concern when Fall and Winter come around.

During the summer, emergency management groups tend to focus on high heat alerts for seniors and those with disabilities. It is the responsibility of emergency management professionals to plan for these events and increase awareness among the public.

There are many schools in Multnomah County, including universities, community colleges and online schools that offer degrees in emergency management. The most common degrees offered in the area are Associate of Applied Science degree in Emergency Management and the Bachelor of Science degree in Emergency Management.

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Emergency Management Certification and Training in Multnomah County

The Oregon Emergency Management Association, in a partnership with the Oregon Certified Emergency Management Program, is the primary certification agency in Multnomah County. In order to be certified as an emergency management professional by the agency, a person must prove abilities in the following areas:

  • Participation in emergency exercises or real world experience in emergency situations
  • Relevant work, volunteer or internship experience
  • 50 hours of emergency management training by a certified organization or agency
  • 50 hours of general management training

In order to receive certification, a person must also submit a management essay for consideration, as well as proof of employment history via a biography.

Emergency Management Careers in Multnomah County, Oregon

There are many career paths available to those seeking employment in the emergency management field in Multnomah County. As the largest provider of emergency management jobs in Multnomah County, Portland is the primary target area for those seeking employment, although it can depend on the type of employment a person is seeking. The largest organization is the Multnomah County Office of Emergency Management, which is responsible for coordinating all of the emergency management operations amongst state, city, county and private sector groups. The largest private sector business is Morrison Hershfield, a consulting firm in Portland that helps organizations create emergency management response plans.

Another one of the largest emergency management organizations in the county is the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management, which works with community groups within the city in order to ensure public safety during emergency situations. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, Multnomah County pays emergency management professionals more than $60,000 a year, which is much higher than the national average salary of about $53,000.

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