Emergency Management Careers in Suffolk County, New York

Following Hurricane Sandy, Suffolk County was just one of many counties in New York State that received monetary reimbursements from FEMA for emergency response, debris removal, and repairing and rebuilding facilities. To date FEMA has awarded 14 counties in New York more than $608 million in public assistant grant funding.

The Suffolk County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) identifies a number of natural disasters that are likely to affect this area of New York:

  • Extreme Heat
  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Hurricanes
  • Lightning Storms
  • Tornadoes
  • Winter Storms
  • Wildfires

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Emergency Management Job Opportunities in Suffolk County

There are a number of emergency management professionals in Suffolk County who work through the Suffolk County Office of Emergency Management:

Emergency Preparedness and Safety Trainer

The emergency preparedness and safety trainer in Suffolk County is responsible for the development and implementation of emergency preparedness and safety training plans and procedures for the county, with an emphasis on following the guidelines of the National Incident Management System.

Minimum employment qualifications include a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and 2 years of experience as an instructor or administrator for in-service training programs, as well as one year of experience in the development or implementation of employee safety, disaster mitigation, and accident prevention programs. Candidates without a bachelor’s degree may qualify for this job if they have at least 6 years of experience as an instructor or administrator for in-service training programs.

Emergency Preparedness Officer – Social Services

The emergency preparedness officer’s career in Suffolk County is an administrative and operational role tasked with organizing and coordinating the Social Services programs within Suffolk County’s Emergency Preparedness Plan. The emergency preparedness officer serves as an adviser for the emergency welfare program, which includes coordinating all emergency welfare services.

Experience requirements for emergency preparedness officers includes possessing at least 3 years of experience in planning and implementing health and safety programs with a public or private social agency.

Emergency Preparedness Officer – Health Services

The job of emergency preparedness officer organizes and develops programs for emergency preparedness work and emergency medical services training, which is used in schools, civil groups, and volunteer organizations.

Individuals seeking a career as an emergency preparedness officer in health services must possess at least 5 years of experience in programs development, two years of which must include experience in the development and operations of an emergency medical services program.

Emergency Management Certification and Training Programs in Suffolk County

The Office of Emergency Management training programs provide training and exercise support on a regional basis at the State Preparedness Training Center. OEM training also hosts programs for the State Administrative Agent Training Point of Contact and the State Training Officer Point of Contact through FEMA.

OEM also conducts an annual state training and exercise planning workshop and a periodic training needs assessment, both of which identify training gaps within the statewide emergency management system. The OEM’s training programs provides training programs for all emergency management professionals, including:

  • Business and Industry
  • Emergency ManagementEmergency Medical Services
  • Fire Service
  • Law Enforcement
  • Public Health
  • Public Works
  • State and Federal Agencies

Professional Certification Opportunities for Emergency Management Professionals

Professional certification among emergency management professionals is commonplace, as it allows these professionals to expand their knowledge of emergency management operations and display a commitment to their profession. Professional certification options include:

  • The International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) Certified Emergency Manager (CEM)
  • The International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) Associate Emergency Manager (AEM)
  • FEMA Professional Development Series (PDS) Certificate
  • FEMA Advanced Professional Series (APS) certificate

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