Emergency Management Careers in Nashua, New Hampshire

Tropical Storm Irene was one of the latest natural disasters affecting Nashua that the City of Nashua Office of Emergency Management expertly pre-planned for. The Director of Emergency Management initiated the coordination of all city and external response agencies and divisions throughout the storm, from the initial forecasting period to the recovery period.

The City of Nashua Office of Emergency Management activated its Nashua Emergency Operations Center on August 28, 2011, at the Nashua Police Department Headquarters, thereby bringing together many of the city’s agencies, including:

  • Hillsborough County ARES
  • Nashua Emergency Management
  • Nashua Fire Department
  • Nashua Information Technology
  • Nashua Mayor’s Office
  • Nashua Police Department
  • Nashua Public Health
  • Nashua Public Works
  • Nashua Transit System
  • Rockingham EMS

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Earning an Emergency Management Degree in Nashua

Many emergency management jobs in Nashua are attained by first completing a four-year program that culminates in a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Many individuals interested in pursuing emergency management careers in Nashua seek a bachelor’s degree in emergency management, although other degrees are also commonplace in this field, including:

  • Urban planning
  • Public administration
  • Engineering
  • Natural or physical sciences
  • Public health
  • Criminal justice

Many jobs in emergency management also require at least 3 years of professional emergency management experience. As such, many individuals first pursue jobs as first responders or emergency management interns.

Emergency Management Training and Certification in Nashua

Emergency management professionals in Nashua must complete training through the New Hampshire Bureau of Emergency Management, which is developed and funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The New Hampshire Emergency Management courses are available to all members of emergency management agencies, including those professionals in Nashua’s Office of Emergency Management.

The New Hampshire Bureau of Emergency Management also offers courses for individuals interested in completing one of FEMA’s professional certification programs:

About the City of Nashua Office of Emergency Management

The Nashua Office of Emergency Management (OEM) coordinates all city departments and community agencies to ensure that all city officials are prepared to respond quickly during both manmade and natural disasters. Further, the OEM maintains and administers the Nashua Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, which includes keeping communications networks, transportation systems, infrastructure facilities, and public goods and services active and operating during emergencies.

Just a few of the responsibilities of the OEM include:

  • Coordinating, planning, and implementing all emergency management activities
  • Establishing and maintaining an Emergency Operations Center
  • Coordinating the use of resources, equipment, and manpower in emergencies
  • Reporting activities and conditions to State Emergency Management and requests assistance as needed
  • Coordinating damage assessment activities
  • Securing required equipment and leading emergency communication exercises
  • Coordinating public information programs for the community

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