New Hampshire Emergency Management Salaries

There are many severe winter weather conditions that New Hampshire is subject to each year, in addition to the ever-present risk of industrial disaster. As a result, an effective emergency management team has been developed to respond to emergency and disaster situations in the state.

The emergency management agencies in New Hampshire’s counties and major cities support many different positions, each offering a competitive salary that will be based on factors such as the amount of experience and training the job requires, the location in the state and the amount of risk and responsibility that is associated with the position.

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New Hampshire’s emergency management directors can expect to earn the following salaries, which vary based on where in the state these professionals are located:

  • Haverhill: Annual salary- $69,000
  • Salem: Annual salary- $86,000
  • Manchester: Annual salary- $84,000
  • Nashua: Annual salary- $87,000
  • East Concord: Annual salary- $84,000
  • Concord: Annual salary- $83,000
  • Derry Village: Annual salary- $83,000

The statewide average salary for emergency management directors in New Hampshire is $83,000. This information was found by compiling job postings and drawing from other sources to find an approximation of expected earnings and was provided courtesy of

There are approximately 150 hazardous material workers that serve local governments and industries throughout the state. Salaries for these professionals are shown below courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

New Hampshire Hazardous Materials Removal Worker Salaries

Area name
Annual mean wage
Haverhill-North Andover-Amesbury MA-NH NECTA Division
Lawrence-Methuen-Salem MA-NH NECTA Division
Estimate Not Released