Emergency Management Careers in Greene County, Missouri

Greene County is in southwest Missouri; the county seat of Springfield is located on a plateau of the so-called “Ozarks mountain country.”

Greene County has had 12 federally declared disasters since 1990. Between 1950 and 2010 Greene County experienced 71 historic tornadoes, 6,690 hail storms, 5,842 severe thunderstorms, 2,558 floods, 46 incidents of heavy snow and 24 serious wildfires. In June of 2010 Greene County earned the dubious distinction of ranking tenth in the nation for total number of disasters, making emergency management a high priority.

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Requirements for an Emergency Management Career in Greene County, MO

A current job opening for an emergency management specialist in Greene County lists the duties as developing, managing and maintaining the following programs:

  • Disaster response exercises
  • Emergency management training
  • Public disaster preparedness education
  • Volunteer management

Qualifications for a job as emergency management specialist are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in emergency management, public safety, business management, education or medical management
  • At least three years experience in emergency management, education, law enforcement, firefighting or a related field
  • Emergency management certification or able to become certified in an agreed upon period of time
  • Valid Missouri driver’s license
  • Physically and mentally fit
  • Able to pass drug testing and background investigation

Salary: $15.68/hour (full-time opportunity)

How to Apply for Emergency Management Specialist Job in Greene County

Obtain an application form from Greene County Human Resources, 940 N. Boonville Ave., Room 314, Springfield, MO 65802. FAX completed application to 417-868-4811.

Emergency Management in Action in Greene County, Missouri

The vision of the Springfield-Greene County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is to be “the most disaster resilient community in the U.S” by upholding the best practices of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. The county has earned a StormReady certification from the National Weather Service and in April of 2012 the Greene County OEM was one of only 13 programs in the nation to receive national accreditation from the Emergency Management Accreditation Program which evaluates emergency management programs on a “best practices” basis. OEM functions include:

  • Create, update and implement a comprehensive emergency operations plan
  • Maintain outdoor (sirens) and indoor (weather alert radio) warning systems
  • Work on legislative actions to eliminate risks/hazards
  • Provide emergency management courses for staff and other agencies
  • Conduct both a general emergency and a Hazmat training exercises every year
  •  Provide preparedness programs for schools, nursing home staffs, etc.
  • Coordinate all response agencies
  • Activate an emergency operations center and an Incident Command System
  • Coordinate recovery (assess damage, fill victim needs, supply resources )


Greene County Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD)

COAD is a local group of public and private organizations committed to bringing about the best possible recovery from a disaster in Greene County. The quarterly meetings focus on coordinating multiple agencies in an effort to provide disaster education to the community, enhance response preparedness and contribute to case management. The group is currently working on a community-wide disaster preparedness survey.

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