Emergency Management Careers in Marion County, Indiana

Marion County Emergency Management is responsible for maintaining order, coordinating first responders, and meeting the basic needs of citizens before, during, and after a disaster. The agency works with partners to ensure its employees are ready in the event of a catastrophe, while also budgeting for a variety of public education programs that instruct citizens on what to do in specific disasters. Emergency management jobs with Marion County include everything from emergency preparedness specialists who study statistics and create plans that maximize the efficiency of resource allocation, to engineers who study possible flood paths or structural vulnerabilities.

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Emergency Management Degrees and Certification in Marion County

Requirements for the wide range of Marion County emergency management jobs, typically include having a bachelor’s degree. Each job description will list its set of requirements, and candidates interested in a certain position should start planning early to ensure a timely completion of the required emergency management degree or certification.

Available through a variety of public and private institutions across the county as well as the state, these emergency management degrees and certifications include:

  • Emergency Management and Public Health
  • Emergency and Disaster Management
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • National Security Technology
  • Geography
  • Public Health
  • Psychology and Social Work
  • Environmental Sciences

Protecting Marion County against Natural and Man-Made Disasters

A commercial aircraft recently made a fiery crash-landing at the Indianapolis International Airport, veering off the runway after pilots reported smoke in the cabin. Eerily similar with the recent Asiana flight that missed the runway at the San Francisco International Airport, this Indianapolis training scenario actually took place before the recent tragedy, and involved a host of agencies including Marion County Emergency Management. The fact that a similar disaster took place a month after this exercise demonstrates the need for inter-agency collaboration and emergency management training in Marion County, whose emergency management team includes experts at the local, state, and federal levels who have committed themselves to keeping the county as safe as possible.

Marion County Emergency Management also devotes its resources to the preparation for floods and their aftermath. Flooding is the most common of all hazards in Marion County, be it a flash flood or the gradual topping of riverbanks. Those experienced with emergency management careers in Marion County will agree that over the years Emergency Management has been successful at reducing damages incurred by floods through the wise floodplain mitigation techniques implemented by disaster research specialists and urban planners. Unfortunately it is never possible to totally eliminate the risk posed by these disasters, during which time public information officers will keep local residents informed on the latest threats while emergency management coordinators work to ensure the victims of nature’s fury have a warm, dry place to stay and plenty of food to eat.

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