Emergency Management Careers in Indianapolis, Indiana

The Division of Homeland Security (DHS) is the lead agency in Indianapolis for responding to natural or man-made emergencies.  This agency is responsible for a variety of common hazards to public safety including hazardous material spills, extreme weather and utility failures. The DHS works closely with local public and private organizations to deliver timely and appropriate responses to these hazards.

With more than 175 facilities in the county with stores of hazardous materials, the threat of a spill is an ever present one. In order to provide the protection necessary to keep the public safe, the DHS has implemented a series of programs. These programs monitor the transport of hazardous materials throughout the city including the numerous rail cars that pass through the downtown area.  Hazmat teams receive training throughout the year from city, state and federal authorities and have been the recipients of federal funding and equipment necessary to respond to spills.  A variety of response and evacuation plans have also been formulated to help communities take adequate steps to keep residents safe should a major spill occur.

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Requirements for Emergency Management Jobs in Indianapolis, Indiana

The emergency management jobs in Indianapolis, Indiana are available to a wide variety of professionals including those from the fields of public administration, business continuity planning, public health, engineering, architecture, and law enforcement.  Many of these jobs require that applicants possess qualifications similar to the following:

  • Graduation with a bachelor’s degree in
    • Emergency planning
    • Terrorism studies
    • Public administration
    • Management
    • Criminal justice
  • At least three years of experience in the emergency management or homeland security fields
  • Experience managing EM programs or personnel

Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) is responsible for providing state wide training exercises as well as distributing training modules to EM coordinators and specialists.  Many of the training programs are offered to first responders including:

  • Advanced Fire Training Program
  • Emergency Management Training Program
  • Emergency Medical Services Training Program
  • Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program
  • State of Indiana Firefighter Training System

In addition to training found through public agencies, there are a number of private organizations that provide additional training and certification.  Among the most recognized of these is the International Association of Emergency Managers, which offers the Certified Emergency Manager credential to qualified members.

Disasters to Strike Indianapolis, Indiana

In 1963, Indianapolis was the site of one of the most lethal gas explosions in the nation’s history.  On October 31, a propane tank leaked gas into the Indianapolis Coliseum, which then exploded.  The coliseum was the venue for the Holiday on Ice Show opening night and almost 74 people were killed in the explosion.  Another 400 were injured.

In May of 2004, an F2 category tornado touched down only six miles from the site of the Indianapolis 500 race site.  This tornado caused some race events to be relocated.  The storm also caused injuries to 26 people and damaged almost 700 buildings.

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