EM Training Specialist Career Description

An emergency management program training specialist, who is also often referred to as an emergency exercise and training specialist, an emergency program coordinator, or an emergency management training specialist, is responsible for coordinating training efforts for emergency management personnel and first responders within a federal, state, or local emergency management agency.

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The expert coordination between all emergency management personnel when preparing for, responding to, and recovering from a natural or manmade crisis is paramount for the safety and well-being of citizens. A coordinated and executed emergency plan is achieved through the combined efforts of highly trained professionals. Training for these emergency management professionals is crucial to ensure operations are carried out as planned.

Emergency Management Program Training Specialist Job Description

Emergency management program training specialists develop, design, coordinate, and deliver a wide range of training programs and assessments, including emergency management training, exercise and evaluation activities and technical assistance. This may include not only carrying out programs and activities, but planning and preparing the documentation needed to do so. As such, they are often involved in developing and preparing training and exercise handbooks, master scenario event lists, exercise plans, and manuals, among others.

Emergency management program training specialists often attend training events, meetings and conferences to gather the most up-to-date training procedures for their emergency management personnel. They study training and exercise handbooks and update standard operating procedures, as necessary, and they are often called upon to evaluate the training programs and plans in place with other agencies and organizations.

During emergencies emergency management program training specialists study emergency management personnel and gather information to develop and update training programs.

Degree and Experience Requirements for Emergency Management Program Training Specialists

A bachelor’s degree or higher in emergency management, public health, or a related field is a general requirement for emergency management program training specialist positions, as these professionals must be able to design, coordinate, and carry out training programs that focus on an all-hazards approach to emergency planning, ensuring that all training exercises and programs meet state and federal regulations and that all four phases of emergency management are addressed (mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery).

Experience as an emergency management coordinator or an emergency management specialist is often preferred. Individuals in this profession must have excellent written and verbal communication skills; they must be able to analyze and plan programs dealing with natural hazard conditions, emergency management and mitigation programs; and they must have a deep and through understanding of healthcare emergency and disaster planning.

Salary Statistics for Emergency Management Program Training Specialists

Although there are no readily available statistics on salaries for emergency management program training specialists, recent job postings reveal current salary ranges:

An emergency management program coordinator job with the Department of Veterans Affairs pays between $74,872 and $97,333.

A training specialist job with FEMA pays between $60,681 and $94,551, while another similar job posting through FEMA shows a salary range between $105,211 and $136,771.

Resources for Emergency Management Program Training Specialists


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