Career Information for Emergency Management Coordinators

Emergency management coordinators are the emergency management professionals called upon to ensure that all activities between the emergency management agency and local emergency response agencies and the general public are coordinated and in place.

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This position also goes by these names:

  • Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
  • Emergency planning coordinator
  • Emergency planner

Emergency management coordinators are responsible for the organization of the personnel, resources, and facilities in times of crisis. They coordinate the emergency management agency or organization’s disaster preparedness and response plan in accordance with both state and federal regulations and provide assistance to organizations in the development of their preparedness, response and recovery plans. Emergency management coordinators pay close attention to both state and federal regulations, implementing them in a timely manner.

Emergency management coordinators are also often responsible for conducting tests and emergency service drills and exercises with the public, with local officials, and with first responders and coordinating and conducting training activities and programs.

Emergency Management Coordinator Job Description

Essential duties implicit in emergency management coordinator jobs include:

  • Reviewing and analyzing emergency management plans and procedures and making  recommendations for revisions
  • Ensuring that all emergency operating procedures are understood by partners and emergency management personnel
  • Conducting risk and threat assessments and advising local officials regarding their disaster mitigation, response, and recovery procedures
  • Ensuring preparedness through the availability of equipment and supplies and the availability of staff and facilities
  • Developing educational and community outreach programs and working with business and community groups


The Path to Becoming an Emergency Management Coordinator

Like many other careers in emergency management, the emergency management coordinator usually possesses a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college. The degree is most often in emergency management, public health, homeland security or a similar field. Emergency management coordinators must possess excellent written and verbal communication and have experience in project management and working with the public.

A degree in emergency management prepares emergency management coordinators to handle the many facets of their job and provides them with a solid framework of emergency management planning and policy. As such, some of the courses found in a comprehensive emergency management program include:

  • Policy and Public Administration
  • Integrated Management Simulation
  • Incident Command Systems
  • Disaster Response
  • Emergency Planning
  • Terrorism in Emergency Management
  • Technology in Emergency Management
  • Crisis Intervention


Salary Statistics for Emergency Management Coordinators

Emergency management coordinator salaries have been reported as follows in recent job posts:

  • A position at a local college in Texas posted a job listing for an emergency management coordinator with a salary range of $47,928 to $63,264.
  • A Fairfax County, Virginia, position for an emergency management coordinator has a pay scale of $87,719 and $146,198.
  • An emergency management position for the City of Saint Paul, Minnesota, has a pay scale of $56,150 to $79,018.
  • A private company in Lake County, Illinois, has an opening for an emergency management coordinator with a pay scale of between $67,641 and $85,080.


Resources for Emergency Management Coordinators


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