Emergency Management Careers in Dover, Delaware

Two of Dover’s presidentially declared disasters resulted from hurricanes, most recently Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. The other declared disasters were mostly caused by severe snowstorms. Between 1950 and 2010 the Dover area also experienced 1,360 thunderstorms, 433 floods, 283 hail storms, 225 incidents of severe heat and four tornadoes. The most significant tornado was one that touched down 9 miles from the city center in 1977, injuring one person and causing between $50,000 and $500,000 in property damage.

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Preparation for Emergency Management Careers in Dover

There are numerous potential employers for emergency management specialists in Dover besides the City Office of Emergency Management. They include utilities companies, colleges/universities, public school districts, energy companies, hospitals/medical institutions, pharmaceutical laboratories, large corporations, etc. All positions require a bachelor’s degree in emergency management or a related field and/or an emergency management certificate, as well as varying amounts of experience. A recent ad for an “Emergency Management Program Coordinator” for a nuclear plant in Dover listed the following requirements:

  • Bachelors degree in emergency management, radiation protection, information technology or a related field
  • Ability to read, write and understand complex documents
  • Ability to make public presentations
  • Ability to work with a diverse group of people
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Courage to challenge leadership if proposed programs fail to meet regulatory requirements
  • Valid driver’s license

Open city jobs, including those with the OEM, are posted on the City of Dover Human Resources website. For other information about paid or volunteer work with the Dover OEM, call their office at 302-736-7003.

Emergency management specialists in Dover earn an average annual salary of $60,000.

Emergency Management in Dover, Delaware

The Dover Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is responsible for:

  • Preparing citywide emergency preparedness plans for hurricanes, severe winter storms, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, wildfires and biological threats
  • Working with federal, state and other local agencies
  • Coordinating all responders to a disaster/emergency
  • Issuing severe weather advisories
  • Disseminating disaster preparedness information for families and businesses
  • Distributing instructions for building disaster preparedness kits
  • Participating in the national “Ready” campaign that focuses on preparing a kit, having a plan and being informed of potential hazards
  • Organizing/training the Citizens Corps of volunteers trained to both help make communities safer and to respond more effectively to natural disasters, acts of terrorism and public health issues.

Dover Air Force Base Emergency Management

The mission of Dover Air Force Emergency Management (AFEM) is to prepare, train, educate and equip air force personnel to effectively respond to and recover from such physical threats as natural disasters, major accidents, WMDs and biological, nuclear, radiological or high-yield explosive attacks. Other AFEM functions include:

  • Detecting and monitoring potential threats
  • Issuing timely warnings
  • Conducting routine emergency training exercises
  • Providing technical expertise
  • Reporting events

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