Delaware Emergency Management Salaries

In the state of Delaware, emergency planning and management falls under the jurisdiction of DEMA, which is the Delaware Emergency Management Agency. DEMA also works with neighboring states to receive resources when disaster situations arise.

Delaware is prone to all type of disaster situations from ice storms and hurricanes to industrial disasters, with over $2.2 million in aid being distributed to the state through FEMA in 2010 alone. Due to the fact that the emergency response team in Delaware is somewhat smaller than other states, the department offers a number of different community involvement programs in order to ensure that citizens are prepared for disasters that may strike.

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Those serving as emergency management directors in Delaware can expect to earn an average of $77,000.  The average salary for this position will differ based on location as is evident in the information shown here (data represents salaries compiled from job ads and employee surveys and was originally published by

  • Wilmington – $84,000
  • Dover – $86,000
  • Newark – $76,000

Due to the fact that this is an administrative position, there are fewer risks associated with it when compared to other positions related to emergency response.

In the Wilmington area of Delaware, there are a total of 120 emergency management workers dedicated to hazardous materials clean up alone. Salaries for these professionals, as provided by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics are published below:

Delaware Hazardous Materials Removal Worker Salaries

Area name
Annual mean wage
Wilmington DE-MD-NJ Metropolitan Division