Wyoming Emergency Management Salaries

The most common natural disaster in the state of Wyoming is wildfires. Each summer there are a number of different regions in which blazes occur. Often these fires come close to homes and communities, requiring concerted evacuation and response measures from all levels of emergency services – from local fire departments to county offices of emergency management. Professionals from various municipal fire departments, and county governments come together in a concerted effort to provide much needed emergency management services, working as a team to offer help and support during these times of emergency.

Emergency management specialists are among those most involved in everything from planning and preparedness, to evacuation and recovery. According to indeed.com, a source of aggregated salary information drawn from sources like job listings and state salary survey data, the average salary for an emergency management specialist in Wyoming is $62,000.

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Salaries for these professionals differ slightly throughout the state when looking at averages specific to major municipalities:

  • Cheyenne – $57,000
  • Casper – $68,000
  • Laramie – $57,000
  • Gillette – $63,000
  • Rock Springs – $67,000

There are currently 50 workers in the southeastern Wyoming nonmetropolitan area that are ready to handle the removal of any hazardous materials that are present, which is a crucial part of the emergency management response process. These workers can expect to earn an average annual salary of $46,680, which equates to approximately $21.63 per hour. The high risk associated with the job is one of the reasons for the higher salary rate.

The table below, provided courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics shows this salary data across several earnings levels from entry level (mean) to supervisory (90th percentile).

Wyoming Hazardous Materials Removal Worker Salaries

Area name
Annual mean wage
Southeastern Wyoming nonmetropolitan area