Emergency Management Careers in King County, Washington

The King County Office of Emergency Management works in cooperation with federal, state and local agencies; as well as tribes, non-profit groups, private industry, and others to help coordinate information, services and resources in planning for emergencies. Emergency management jobs in King County, Washington could be found in any of these agencies that work together for the safety and security of the county and its residents.

The King County Office of Emergency Management has developed many plans to assist them in preparing for and responding to emergencies at the regional, state and national levels. They include:

  • King County Continuity of Operations Plan
  • King County UASI Evacuation Template
  • Disaster Debris Management Plan
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection Plan
  • Regional Disaster Plan
  • Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan
  • Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

The King County Office of Emergency Management has also created the following committees to specialize in various areas of the emergency management preparedness process:

  • King County Local Emergency Planning Committee
  • Region 6 Committees and Workgroups
  • EMAC/Region 7 Homeland Security Council

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Emergency Management Training in King County

Emergency management careers in King County, Washington are only possible if one enrolls in the right training and educational programs. A bachelor’s degree is necessary for most emergency management jobs in King County, although an associate’s degree or undergraduate certification might suffice in some cases.

Others might opt to study to receive a graduate degree in an area pertinent to emergency management. Training in emergency management in King County can result in earning the following degrees or certificates:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice with Leadership Emphasis
  • Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security
  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice – Terrorism, Mediation and Peace
  • Bachelor of Business Administration-Management
  • Master of Arts in Social Science (Applied Criminology)

Emergency Management Jobs in King County

Emergency management jobs in King County may be found within governmental agencies at the local, state or national levels. They may also be found within the agencies that collaborate with governmental emergency management organizations, such as private industry, non-profit corporations and other groups. Examples of possible employers for those seeking emergency management careers in King County are listed below:

  • King County Office of Emergency Management  in Renton– Emergency Management Coordinator
  • Microsoft in Redmond – Director of Incident Management
  • Corinthian College in Renton – Instructor, Emergency Management and Homeland Security
  • Iron Mountain in Burien – Information Technology Operations Service Specialist
  • Redhorse Corporation in Auburn – Energy and Sustainability Coordinator
  • EvergreenHealth Hospital in Kirkland – Emergency Management Specialist
  • Department of Public Health – King County in Renton – Public Information Officer
  • Lake Washington Institute of Technology in Kirkland – Safety and Security Manager

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