Emergency Management Careers in Chesterfield County, Virginia

Emergency management jobs in Chesterfield County, Virginia are not just concerned with emergencies occurring in the county. The Virginia Department of Emergency Management is also headquartered in Chesterfield County, along with the Virginia State Police Headquarters. While one might think of possible terrorist attacks or man –made destruction in connection with emergency management, Chesterfield County is just as concerned, if not more, with natural disasters that could affect the county.

Recently, officials from the Chesterfield County Emergency Management Division presented classes to the public, held at the Chesterfield County Library. These classes were designed to instruct county residents on how to prepare for hurricane season. Residents were instructed on making an emergency plan, building a disaster preparedness kit, and other readiness activities. Careers in emergency management in Chesterfield County could involve working with the public to teach them what to do in case of emergency.

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Emergency Management Education in Chesterfield County

Before embarking upon a career in emergency management in Chesterfield County, one needs to have the proper education. This usually entails a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

Educational programs are available throughout Chesterfield County and online to help individuals achieve this goal. They include:

  • Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management and Homeland Security
  • Associate of Applied Science Degree in Emergency Medical Services
  • Associate of Applied Science Degree in Technical Studies with Emergency Management Track
  • Master of Disaster Science
  • Bachelor of Applied Studies with Minor in Emergency Management

Emergency Management Careers in Chesterfield County

Because the Virginia Department of Emergency Management is headquartered in Chesterfield County, Virginia, many emergency management careers are started at the state level. There are five main functions to the Virginia Emergency Operations Center, and each employ persons in emergency management jobs. They are:

  • Planning Section – this is where emergency actions and decisions are documented and made into reports and briefings
  • External Affairs-the Joint Information Center employs Public Information Officers to give updates to the public during an emergency
  • Watch Section– serves as the state’s emergency point of contact, and monitors situations on a daily basis
  • Logistics Section– handles local requests for services and goods that come through the state during an emergency situation
  • Operations Section– categorizes emergency support functions including shelter and long-term recovery and documents and tracts requests and actions

Additional jobs in emergency management in Chesterfield County could, of course, be found at the Chesterfield County Emergency Management Division. These jobs could include:

  • Emergency Services Communication Technician
  • Continuity Planning Specialist

Many private companies in Chesterfield County work in an emergency management capacity assisting these government agencies, and may offer emergency management career opportunities. Examples are:

  • CJW Medical Center/Chippenham Hospital in Richmond – emergency management job possibilities are:
    • Director of Emergency Services
  • Triumvirate in Richmond- provides environmental management services with jobs such as:
    • Environmental Specialist
    • Field Service Project Manager
    • Information Technology Specialist

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