Emergency Management Careers in Greenville County,
South Carolina

Although Greenville County is located on the eastern side of South Carolina, it has still experienced the effects of multiple hurricanes and tropical storms that sweep through the state from the Atlantic Ocean. In recent history, Greenville County has been indirectly and directly affected by Hurricane Katrina (2005,) Tropical Storm Frances (2004,) and Tropical Storm Gaston (2004.)

Other than hurricanes and tropical storms, Greenville County also experienced heat waves during the summer, which cause some casualties amongst the young and the elderly. Occasionally there are also severe winter storms that sweep through the area and cause damage to infrastructure in the cities located within the county borders. Emergency management service providers are responsible for mitigating the damage caused during these natural disasters and emergencies, and are also responsible for ensuring the safety of the public.

The main employer of emergency management professionals in the county is the Greenville County Department of Emergency Management.

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Emergency Management Degrees, Training and Certification in Greenville County

In order to get an emergency management job with the Greenville County Department of Emergency Management, an applicant is required to have a degree in a related field, as well as extensive training, certification and other experience.

Emergency Management Degrees: The emergency management degrees offered in Greenville County include a variety of specializations, depending on which field the person wants to be involved with. The degrees include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Bachelor’s of science in criminal justice, focus in homeland security and emergency management
  • Bachelor’s of science in criminal justice- homeland security technology
  • Associate of applied science in criminal justice
  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration
  • Master’s degree in criminal justice- homeland security, terrorism, mediation and peace
  • Master’s of public administration- homeland security policy and coordination

Common coursework for these degrees include the following:

  • Intro to emergency management policies and procedures
  • Leadership techniques
  • Disaster relief and mitigation
  • Populations at risk during emergency situations
  • Disaster response and preparedness

Emergency Management Certifications and Training: Certification for those seeking a emergency management career in Greenville County is gained through the South Carolina Emergency Management Program. The program trains recruits and teaches them the skills needed to become an emergency management professional in any location throughout the state. The training is extensive and requires a person to complete a series of classes in the basic principles of emergency management.

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