Emergency Management Careers in Franklin County, Ohio

Franklin County’s Emergency Operations Plan identifies flooding as the number-one potential hazard for Franklin County. In addition to river flooding, Franklin County is also susceptible to small stream flooding. Encroachment in flood-prone areas has increased the risk for flooding and the potential for damage.

Other top hazards, as identified by the Emergency Operations Plan, includes tornadoes, with Franklin County averaging a tornado sighting about every two years and hazardous material spills, with Franklin County reporting more hazardous materials spills than any other county in the State of Ohio.

Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security coordinates and plans for all potential hazards, whether natural or manmade, through disaster planning, warning, training, community education, and response and recovery efforts.

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Emergency Management Training and Certification Options in Franklin County

Formal training programs in Franklin County are offered by the Ohio EMA Training and Service, which runs the Ohio Emergency Management and Homeland Security Training and Exercise programs. Training is offered throughout the year, in multiple locations. Just a few of the program offerings include:

  • Emergency Management Operations Course for Local Governments
  • Hazardous Weather and Flood Preparedness
  • Warning Coordination
  • Flood Fight Operations
  • Resource Management
  • Exercise Program Manager
  • Debris Management

Due to the constantly changing face of emergency management, emergency management professionals must seek continuing education through both certification and formal training programs.

For example, professional certification through the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) or the International Association for Emergency Managers (IAEM) is often sought out by emergency management professionals, and many employers are demanding professional certification for their employees.

Emergency Management Careers in Franklin County, Ohio

Emergency management jobs in Franklin County may be achieved through the county’s emergency operations office or through public and private entities and organizations. Just a few of the emergency management careers found throughout Franklin County include:

  • Emergency Management Specialist – Emergency management specialists are called upon to develop and maintain communication with community, governmental, and business entities; propose changes to emergency response procedures based on government regulations; and collaborate with other officials to analyze damages caused by natural or manmade disasters. Given the wide scope of the emergency management professional, this job commonly requires a bachelor’s degree in emergency management, public administration, or a similar field.

  • Emergency Management Director – Emergency management directors are responsible for overseeing all emergency management operations, which include coordinating disaster response or crisis management activities and orders, including ordering evacuations and implementing programs. Emergency management directors are also tasked with applying for federal funding for emergency management-related needs and provide updated and accurate reports regarding the status of such grants. As top-level administrators of the emergency management operations, emergency management directors must possess extensive experience in emergency management operations, as well as a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university in emergency management, public administration, or a related field.

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