Illinois Emergency Management Salaries

The emergency management system for Illinois is very well-developed and incorporates law enforcement agencies and offices of emergency management (OEMs) located throughout the state, at both the county and city level. Each employee is dedicated to providing support, protection and attention to the residents of any disaster stricken area in the state.

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The IEMA (Illinois Emergency Management Agency) supports a large range professional positions that include everything from hazardous waste clean up specialists to emergency management program directors. Each area in the state will offer a different average salary due to a number of contributing factors. Additionally, a person can expect to earn a higher salary as an emergency management worker when they gain more on the job training and education for the position they hold.

The following are the average emergency management salaries for those holding the position of emergency management director in the key areas of Illinois:

  • Chicago: Annual Salary – $77,000
  • Naperville: Annual Salary – $75,000
  • Aurora: Annual Salary – $75,000
  • Rockford: Annual Salary – $84,000
  • Joliet: Annual Salary $98,000

There are thousands of EM professionals in the offices of emergency management located throughout Illinois, which is one of the contributing factors to the well-managed response that this state can make to any disaster or emergency that may occur.

Here is information provided by the Department of Labor showing the difference in salary expectations for HAZMAT workers located in various parts of the state.

Illinois Hazardous Materials Removal Worker Salaries

Area name
Annual mean wage
Chicago-Joliet-Naperville IL Metropolitan Division
Chicago-Joliet-Naperville IL-IN-WI
Lake County-Kenosha County IL-WI Metropolitan Division
St. Louis MO-IL