Arkansas Emergency Management Salaries

As an emergency management director in Little Rock, you can expect to earn an annual mean salary of $51,220. This equates to approximately $24.62 hourly. This could be what you can expect to earn working in Little Rock or Conway, Arizona. Other areas in the state run average to this amount, according to Arkansas’ government agency.

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As an individual in the emergency management director’s position, you can expect substantial raises and bonuses once you obtain more training or education for the position. Since this is an administrative position, it does not carry the risk that is associated with other emergency management positions in the field, which is one of the reasons the median salary might be lower than other positions in the department.

Considering these facts, if you are interested in the position you can deduce why it pays the salary that is offered. While it is still lower than the national average, it is well within viable parameters for the cost of living in the state. With the opportunity for bonuses you can receive substantial increases within this position.

The following table is supplied by the U.S. Department of Labor and provides the average salary for emergency management directors in the Arkansas area.

Arkansas Emergency Management Director Salaries

Area name
Annual mean wage
Little Rock-North Little Rock-Conway AR