Emergency Management Careers in Rutland County, Vermont

In the Rutland, Vermont regional plan, emergency management is defined as acts that minimize the effects of any unexpected occurrences in the County. Under this category are natural disasters such as floods, but also emergencies from fires, intentional violent acts and even traffic accidents.

Rutland County has developed a Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan that helps identify likely hazards facing the county. This plan also helps these professionals analyze the risk of damage to buildings and roads in the county and presents strategies to help these professionals limit damage and better deal with the damage that does occur.

As a part of the regional planning in Rutland County, all towns have adopted rapid response plans. These written documents list personnel and facilities that need to be alerted and mobilized in the event of an emergency. Possible shelter locations are also identified for each town in Rutland County.

Five primary sources handle emergency dispatch in the county:

  • Rutland City Fire
  • Rutland City Police
  • Rutland County Sheriff’s Department
  • Washington County (New York) Dispatch
  • Vermont State Police- Rutland Barracks

Emergency management jobs in Rutland County could become available at any of the above-mentioned emergency management organizations.

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Emergency Management Educational Programs in Rutland County

The right degree is vital to succeeding in a career in emergency management in Rutland County. Educational programs may be at the undergraduate, graduate, or certification level. Programs that are beneficial to those pursing emergency management jobs and that are available in Rutland County and online include:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
  • Associate of Arts Degree in Homeland Security
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Homeland Security
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services/Criminal Justice
  • Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice: Legal Studies
  •  Master of Science Degree in Emergency Management

Jobs Involving Emergency Management in Rutland County

Because the population of Rutland County, Vermont is expected to continue growth in rural areas with fewer emergency services available, emergency management jobs in Rutland County are becoming more vital to the future sustainability and success of this area of Vermont.

Rutland County jobs that involve emergency management and require training in such may be varied and widespread across the county. Possible locations for these types of jobs include:

  • Rutland Regional Local Emergency Planning Committee, with jobs including Emergency Planner and Coordinator
  • Vermont Center for Geographic Information, with jobs including GIS Planner
  • Rutland Regional Transportation Council, where planning for transportation needs of the county is a main focus of jobs
  • Rutland Regional Medical Center, where jobs could include educating the public about emergency preparedness for health-related incidents and events
  • Rutland County Community Emergency Response Team, with jobs including Emergency Management Coordinator

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