Emergency Management Careers in South Dakota

When natural or man-made disasters strike South Dakota, emergency management professionals are there to help. From the largest snow storm on record for Rapid City in April 2013, to devastating tornadoes, and flooding in March 2010, emergency management specialist trained in everything from engineering and security, to communications and humanitarian relief were there providing logistical support, emergency funding, and basic services for the residents of South Dakota.

Emergency management jobs offer both fulfillment and a challenge for those interested in joining the distinguished ranks of county, state and federal emergency management agencies. A wide variety of positions are available through a competitive application process, with professional training provided for those who qualify.

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Emergency Management Careers in South Dakota

Federal emergency management professionals are based out of the South Dakota Emergency Management Office located on West Capitol Street in Pierre. In 2010 this office coordinated the deployment of security specialists to assist in the management of severe flooding and IT specialists to aid computer logistics during the 2013 snowstorm where the Rapid City airport received more than 28 inches of snow over a three-day period.

Emergency Management Security Specialist

Successful candidates applying for security specialist careers with federal or state agencies based in South Dakota often have a number of ways to qualify for these important jobs:

  • Having a doctorate degree or three years of progressing graduate-level education, or an L.L.M. degree
  • Having an appropriate combination of education and experience
  • Having at least one year of specialized experience performing job duties such as:
    • Maintaining system security files
    • Initiating and conducting investigations

After completing a successful application, new security specialists will receive the appropriate training. Emergency management courses in South Dakota include:

  • Investigation initiation, tracking, and review
  • Procedures of fingerprinting
  • Emergency management policies and procedures

Emergency Management IT Specialist

When disaster strikes emergency management organizations in South Dakota need to set up local computer networks, and it is the IT specialists who provide the security and support for these essential communication bridges. Information technology specialists serving an emergency management capacity are usually required to have the following demonstrated experience in their field:

  • At least one year of full-time relevant specialized experience in IT, especially security-related
  • Problem solving
  • Customer service
  • Clear communication

Most employees in this field have some academic background in information technology, and familiarity with emergency management protocols in South Dakota can also be beneficial. Upon hire new emergency management IT specialists receive training in the areas of:

  • Security authorization
  • Networking techniques for information security issues
  • Program Security Team collaboration

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