Emergency Management Careers in Tulsa, Oklahoma

The city of Tulsa is no stranger to tornadoes and other major natural disasters. In fact, over the last 50 years, the city of Tulsa has been struck by 72 major tornadoes, which does not even include the less severe ones. But, tornadoes are just one of the reasons why Tulsa is one of the primary focuses of emergency management agencies, organizations and associations: severe winter storms- hail, sleet, snow and rain- are a constant presence every year, as is flooding and drought. Needless to say, there are many disaster situations that make the city of Tulsa and its citizens vulnerable, and it is the responsibility of emergency management professionals in the area to ensure the safety of Tulsa’s residents.

There are a wide variety of emergency management career paths in Tulsa, on the state, county and federal level. There are also city-level emergency management organizations in some of the larger cities in Oklahoma, including one in Tulsa: the Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agency (TAEMA.) The TAEMA coordinates with county, state and federal agencies in order to perform emergency preparation, mitigation, disaster recovery and prevention with the aim of protecting the community and the overall infrastructure of the city of Tulsa. There are other emergency management organizations on the city-level in the area, including the Tulsa Health Department, which plays a large role in emergency preparedness and response plans.

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Emergency Management Training, Degrees and Certification in Tulsa

In order to be considered for an emergency management job in Tulsa, candidates are required to have a degree in a related field, as well as training and certification.

Emergency Management Degrees: In Tulsa, an emergency management degree can be obtained through traditional, campus- based schooling and through online schooling. All that matters is that the educational institution is accredited by the state of Oklahoma. Some of the most common emergency management degrees in Tulsa include the following:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Associate of Arts in Emergency Management
  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice- Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice- Executive Management and Leadership
  • Bachelor Degree in Homeland Security and Crisis Management

Emergency Management Training and Certification: Along with a degree, people looking for emergency management jobs in Tulsa must also complete training and receive certification. There are a variety of different types of certification available to aspiring emergency management professionals in Tulsa:

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency Certification
  • Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agency Certification
  • International Association of Emergency Managers Certification
  • Environmental Hazard and Mitigation Certification
  • Environmental Risk Assessment Certification

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