Emergency Management Careers in York County, Maine

Be it a dreaded nor’easter, flooding, epidemic, or terrorist attack, York County is prepared for the worst. There are several emergency management agencies working in the area, with the coordinating umbrella organization being the York County Emergency Management Agency. In the event of a disaster that overwhelms local and county response efforts, this agency has the authority to request assistance from state and federal entities and orchestrate the response among all involved parties.

Emergency management coordinators work in a framework based on the four pillars of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. There are many options for emergency management careers in York County, for example the county’s Emergency Management Agency employs:

  • Emergency Management Coordinator/Director
  • Operation Section Chief
  • Hazardous Materials Chief
  • Logistics Chief
  • Incident Management Assistance Team Chief
  • Operations Chief
  • Public Information Officer
  • Chaplain
  • County Animal Response Team Chief

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Planning for a Future Emergency Management Career

The tasks of emergency management coordinators include everything from inventory to damage assessment. Training and classes for emergency management certification in York County are offered through the local Emergency Management Agency and Red Cross chapter, and include:

  • Hazardous Materials Session
  • Incidence Management Assistance Team Training
  • Hospital Disaster Planning Group
  • First aid and CPR
  • Disaster Training

Curricula for an AA, BA, and BS emergency management degree are offered through online, private, and state institutions of higher education and include:

  • Business Administration
  • Public Health
  • Social Sciences
  • Urban Planning
  • Engineering

Federal emergency management certification programs open to the citizens of York County offer:

  • Certificate in Disaster Preparedness
  • Certificate in Disaster Health
  • Security Management and Homeland Security
  • Emergency and Disaster Management

Severe Flooding in York County

In one of the more recent large-scale disasters in Maine’s history, damage was reported in the millions of dollars for some of the 22 municipalities in York County that filed damage reports as a result of severe 2006 summer rainstorms. Some areas received more than 15 inches, as those working in emergency management jobs in York County scrambled to save lives, conduct damage assessments, and make reports. Although emergency management coordinators worked around the clock during the actual flooding event, detailed preparation had begun before the storm that brought the rains was even formed.

Emergency management coordinators recognize that the first step in disaster preparedness is public education. The number one priority of emergency management is to preserve life and property, and having informed citizens is the most effective tool in accomplishing this goal. Emergency management coordinators must also ensure the public has as much forewarning as possible when predictable disasters are coming, and therefore communicate closely with public information officers. Thousands of hours of joint-agency emergency management training in York County are spent every year to ensure that when a disaster does strike, all involved are prepared. In the aftermath of catastrophes emergency management specialists also play an important role assessing damage and compiling reports on how agencies can improve their response in the future.

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