City of New Braunfels Recognized for Innovative Emergency Management Application

The Environmental Systems Research Institute (ERSI) recently honored the City of New Braunfels, Texas with a Special Achievement award. The award was given in recognition of the city’s accomplishments in geographic information system (GIS) technology. New Braunfels’ innovation with GIS technology in Emergency Management was at the center of the achievement.

The award for the City’s completion of a new GIS for local government was based on innovation in data collection, technology application and geospatial information visualization. ESRI’s GIS awards are based on organizations’ ability to increase efficiency in delivering GIS Services to the public.

The City of New Braunfels received the award on June, 29 in San Diego at ESRI’s annual User Conference. ESRI, known as a global leader in GIS technology, chose New Braunfels over more than 300,000 other qualified candidates. ESRI’s president, Jack Dangermond, said that the Special Achievement in GIS Award (SAG) recognizes institutions that are using technology to change the world.

New Braunfels GIS Manager, Greg Brown, said that being chosen to receive the SAG award was a great honor, noting that they competed against thousands of candidates from all over the world.

The GIS Emergency Management application, developed by the City, specifically focuses on the update of road closures during weather events or other possible emergency situations. The location-based solution will use mobile map technology in identifying road closures and updating the public database through smartphones. City personnel will have the ability to instantly update the databases as barricades are put up or removed. The updates will be available to the public immediately after the information is inputted. The new application streamlines the City’s ability to monitor and respond to emergencies in a more efficient manner.