City of Canton Hires Familiar Face as its Emergency Management Director

The city of Canton, Ohio has a new Emergency Management director but it’s someone the city has been well-acquainted for quite some time now. Canton’s Chief of Police Christopher Arciero was named to the post recently as well as being given a substantial raise for his new responsibilities.

Last week the board of selectmen proposed that Arciero take over the position during a town meeting last week despite some concerns from certain members about his capacity to carry out the duties of the job. Nevertheless, the board voted unanimously to give Arciero the job.

Arciero’s new position will require him to coordinate Canton’s response to significant incidents such as major storms and other natural and man-made events that have the potential to cause significant infrastructural damage and cause substantial injuries or fatalities. The post was previously held by Canton’s fire marshal Adam Libros but Libros resigned from the position earlier this year to take a job with the town of Vernon.

Since Libros left the post, Arciero has been filling in in an interim capacity so for the member of the board of selectmen, he was a natural first choice. With his imminent departure from his position as fire marshal, Canton will be looking for someone to take his place in that capacity.

The position of emergency management director is an important one for Canton as the city and one that requires someone with experience in the public service arena. With the departure of Libros in September, the town has been looking to place one of their current public servants into the position. Arciero has expressed his enthusiasm for taking over the duties of emergency management director and says that he considers it an “honor and a privilege to serve the citizens of Canton in this tremendously important capacity.”